Open Source Painting Tool

Tux Paint is a free, downloadable, open-source painting tool that will take you back to the early KidPix days. It runs on both platforms and is a lot of fun.

Download the software and go to the starter page.

This is so easy to use with the Tools and Brushes on both sides of the empty canvas. The canvas is 640 x 480 and ready to go. There are even ready to paint coloring starter pictures like this chicken.

The Penguin at the bottom gives you tips on how to use the program. The drawing tools are similar to those in Kid Pix: line tools, shapes, even stamps that are very real and magic tools that say what they do. When you save, you can see them as thumbnails, print, and use with other programs.

Submitted by:
Gerald McMullin
Technology Specialist,
Castro Valley USD, CA

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