Options for working with PDF files

Question: What alternatives are available for working with PDF files besides the full version of Adobe Acrobat?

The IT Guy says:
PDF (Portable Document File) is a popular file format because it preserves original formatting and allows the file to be viewed on different computer platforms using free reader software. Different options exist for creating and editing PDF files, however, including free as well as commercial solutions. Adobe sells the full version of Acrobat software, which now comes in three variants: Acrobat 6 Professional, Acrobat 6 Standard, and Acrobat Elements 6. Each of these offers varying features, so users should first define their PDF document needs (www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/).

Other PDF document creation alternatives exist, however. A free option is available for Macintosh users, because with OS X PDF is the default image format. From any application in the print dialog window, users can choose SAVE AS PDF. This file creation option does not give customization options like Acrobat software, but it is a straightforward and free method. Free software for helping Windows users create basic PDF Files includes FreePDF. A shareware tool with more features is simplePDF.

The above solutions allow users to create PDF files, but a more difficult challenge is how to enable users of your PDF files to utilize them as interactive forms. An innovative approach to this challenge is PHPDF software. PHPDF allows users to put PDF forms online AND save input submitted within these PDF Files in a database without requiring others to purchase multiple copies of commercial software, like the full version of Adobe Acrobat. More information is available on www.phpdf.com.

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