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Oregon Adopts Common Core ELA Courses

The Oregon Department of Education has adopted Edgenuity's middle school Common Core ELA courses.
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The Oregon Department of Education has adoptedEdgenuity's middle school Common Core ELA courses.

Reviewer comments included statements supporting the relevance and alignment of content. One reviewer stated, “[the program] provides thematic connections between fiction and non-fiction over multiple content areas” while another stated, “[the program] consistently provides on-demand writing opportunities throughout the program.”

“By integrating curriculum and assessment, our platform provides teachers with rich data to closely monitor student progress," said Sari Factor, CEO of Edgenuity.

Oregon’s rigorous adoption process is designed to ensure that instructional materials reflect the most current information and research and are aligned to academic content standards. In addition to meeting or exceeding the standards of Oregon’s Instructional Materials Evaluation Process, providers must also receive recommendation by the State Board.



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