Outschool offers help to parents and schools to go it remote.

(Image credit: Outschool)

CEO of Outschool Amir Nathoo posted yesterday that the company is currently conducting free webinars this week for schools:

"Our team and community have more expertise in how to run online group classes over live video than any other US-based organization, having had 80K learners attend over 300K class hours. We’re offering to quickly provide teacher training, webinars and resources on how to continue school online to affected schools and districts. This is not our core business - we want to help and will do this for free.

We have already begun partnering with schools in the Bay Area to help prepare them for any closures. We’d like to help schools anywhere that are already affected or are working on readiness plans. We can get started helping with as little as 30 mins on the phone with school leadership or key faculty.

If you are a parent or teacher please help us reach school leaders with this offer by sharing this link. If you are a school leader preparing for potential closure please visit outschool.com/school-closures or reach out to support@outschool.com so we can start helping."