Pearson Named Approved Provider of New York State Teacher Evaluation Rubrics

The New York State Education Department has named Pearson as a provider of an approved rubric for New York’s annual professional performance reviews for teacher evaluation. Local education agencies (LEA) throughout the state can now turn to Pearson for the training and support necessary to implement the approved rubric that is aligned directly to New York State Teaching Standards.

The NYSTCE (New York State Teacher Certification Examinations) Framework for the Observation of Effective Teaching was developed by Pearson in collaboration with the New York State Education Department. Practicing New York State teachers and teacher-preparation program faculty helped design the assessment to confirm alignment with the New York State Teaching Standards. It was also informed by national, research-based sources, including the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) Standards. Created for use at pre-service, among teacher preparation programs, and in the initial NYSTCE certification assessment delivered by Pearson, the NYSTCE Framework’s application as an in-service evaluation tool provides consistent guidance across a teacher’s career continuum.

New York state law requires that teacher evaluation be based on multiple measures of demonstrated effectiveness. Pearson’s new, approved rubric for teacher evaluation will be used to evaluate teacher performance in support of this educational goal.
Pearson’s rubric, reflecting the Common Core State Standards, was developed to create an instructional improvement cycle that uses observation of multiple categories of performance.

In addition to its close relation to the New York State Teaching Standards, Pearson’s rubric is grounded in research about teaching practice that supports positive student outcomes via 10 categories of performance indicators applicable to all grade levels and subjects. Offering detailed guidance to evaluators, the rubric addresses areas such as promoting student engagement, responding to diverse student needs, leading discussions to promote learning, managing the classroom for maximum productivity, and assessing student performance and progress.

To help meet the unique needs of LEAs throughout the state of New York, Pearson offers varying options for training for rubric implementation, including face-to-face training. More details about Pearson’s various training options can be found at

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