Pinellas County Schools Approve New Virtual Charter School

Today, Pinellas County Schools approved the Florida Virtual Academy (FLVA), a new public charter school which will be open to families in Pinellas County. Set to open in 2013, the new public school will serve students in grades K-8 and expand to high school in subsequent years.

"Our school will use Florida-certified teachers, along with innovative curriculum and individualized instruction designed to meet children's unique educational needs," said Paul Hull, chair of the Southwest Florida Virtual Charter Board, the school's independent, nonprofit governing board. "We look forward to collaborating with Pinellas County Schools to ensure our school is an excellent education option for kids."

The vote by the Pinellas County School Board follows a recommendation by the district staff to approve the charter school application. The Southwest Florida Virtual Charter Board submitted a 678-page application to Pinellas County Schools detailing how the school will operate and serve students in the county. The board will work with Pinellas County Schools to finalize a contract for the school's opening.

FLVA at Pinellas County will offer personalized learning programs that work for all types of students, from advanced learners to students with special needs. Using technology, the school connects students with teachers and provides access to an approved public school program regardless of a child's geographic, economic or academic circumstances.

Florida-certified teachers will provide instruction, guidance and support, and will interact regularly students using innovative technology and web-based classrooms. Teachers also organize school field trips, activities, clubs, and events for students and families.

FLVA uses the curriculum, technology, and school services provided by K12 Inc., provider of online school programs for grades kindergarten through high school. K12 is a Florida-approved provider of online school programs. K12's courses and academic programs are used in over 2,000 school districts nationwide, including over 40 school districts in Florida.