Plan Ahead for the New School Year

We are planning a fairly large acquisition of new computers next year. What can I do to help insure everything is in place for the fall?

June may be the time for many schools to wrap things up for the current academic year; however, it’s also the time to prepare for opening school in the fall. Now is the time to make sure that purchase orders are ready to go on July 1st so that new equipment and instructional materials arrive in August. It’s also a good time to get work orders in the queue. This way you can arrange for routine maintenance to be completed and new equipment to be ready for the opening of school. If you should receive defective equipment or materials, or if something needs repair, there’s still time to take care of problems before the students arrive. Schools often miss out on repairs covered by warranties simply because equipment isn’t installed and tested before the warranty expires.

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young

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