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Podcasting Defined

Question: What is Podcasting? The IT Guy says: The word “podcast” is a combination of the words “iPod” and “broadcast.” You can think of podcasts as Internet-delivered, archived radio-shows. Some educators and students are using podcasts in innovative ways, such as connecting with a local and even
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Question: What is Podcasting?

The IT Guy says:
The word “podcast†is a combination of the words “iPod†and “broadcast.†You can think of podcasts as Internet-delivered, archived radio-shows. Some educators and students are using podcasts in innovative ways, such as connecting with a local and even global audience to share valuable lessons and insights learned in the classroom.

To get a taste of the excitement and potential of podcasting, listen to “Room 208â€, featuring podcasts from last school year. Teacher Bob Sprankle and his elementary students are literally overflowing with excitement for the power of podcasting to provide an authentic and engaging audience for student writing and audio broadcasting.

Podcasting does not require the use of an iPod, but, when a portable music device such as an iPod is used, it allows the listener to time and place shift. This means they can determine the time and location for listening to the broadcast which they have downloaded to their computer and transferred to their portable device. Another option is to listen on the computer itself.

Apple Computer, which created the iPod, has integrated podcast capability into its new, and still free, iTunes software for both Windows and Macintosh computers. Podcasts are generally recorded and posted in either mp3 or AAC format. The AAC format allows for copy protection (generally not done for podcasts but used widely for commercial music) as well as integration of additional features like chapter markers, accompanying art, etc.

For a knowledgeable and comprehensive discussion, check out Wikipedia’s Podcasting entry. For more great podcasts about innovative uses of educational technology, check out David Warlick’s Connect Learning.

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Podcasting Quick Start

Question: We have several teachers who want to start podcasting with their students. Can you recommend some good resources teachers can use? The IT Guy says: Podcast411 has a good series of podcasting tutorials for both Windows and Macintosh users. For tips and suggestions specific to educational settings,

Create Podcasts

Tip: Audio podcasts are fun and getting easier to make. If you have an iPod with recording adapter (iTalk), you can capture voice, music, or even create a radio show. Check out the Multimedia Club's Happy Halloween podcasts. It is fun to use sound effects and students' voices. This site was created with the


Lazy early morning waves crash against the shore on the coast of Maine. I'm walking with Bob Sprankle, a teacher from Maine. As we walk, I interview him with a microphone, asking the third- and fourth-grade teacher why he became interested in podcasting. He turns to the microphone and says, "Gee, it seems like just

Podcasts to help students study

Question:Lots of teachers are using blogs and reading blog content, but do you know of any teachers who are using podcasts to help students study for tests and improve their levels of tested student achievement? The IT Guy says: Eric Langhorst, a history teacher in the Kansas City area, writes and creates the

Podcasting Hardware Needs

Question: What hardware is required for classroom podcasting? The IT Guy says: The hardware requirements for podcasting are a computer with an Internet connection and a functional computer microphone. School districts will likely want to host podcast files on in-house servers, however, so ftp access to a server

Creating podcast RSS feed

Question: A lot of programs are available for creating an RSS feed for a district podcast. Is a simple, free solution available? The IT Guy says: The social bookmarking website del.icio.us creates unique RSS feeds for every “tag” created by a user. Using a del.icio.us tag for your district podcast

Podcasting in Education

Podcasting in Education From the people who invented the iPod comes this Apple Education site all about podcasting. Among its features is a three-part video series: Intro to podcasting, Meeting standards with podcasting, and an Administrator's view on podcasting. A very useful site for anyone

Professional Development as Podcast

We have worked with educators over the years as staff developers, mentors, educators, school leaders, and professors here at Fordham University’s Regional Educational Technology Center, or RETC, as well as in prior roles in K-12 public education. We have realized that there’s an undeniable need for quality