PowerPoint vs Producer

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Question: John B. wrote me this note - Regarding your article about online slide (PowerPoint) shows; how about Microsoft Producer. It has many of the same features you mention with the other products and it is free.

The IT Guy says:
John is absolutely right, and I should have mentioned it. If you have PowerPoint 2002 or 2003 (Windows only), you can go to PowerPoint 2003 Add-In and download this free plugin for your PowerPoint application. It allows you to create packaged versions of your PowerPoint presentations, including narration, for others to view.. You can even edit them after your are done to add new slides and other elements.

After you've downloaded the plugin, you'll need to look for instructions on how to use it. There isn't an updated version for PowerPoint 2007, and most of the support pages for the 2003 version at Microsoft seem to have gone away. However, there are good tutorials at other sites, and the one at "Presentation Tutorials" covers all of the basics quite well!

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