Product: Mobi View

Product: Mobi View Retail price: $449

When combined with a projector, Mobi View, the latest mobile interactive whiteboard from eInstruction, can turn any wall into an interactive teaching display.

Quality and Effectiveness : Mobi View can create a learning environment similar to those provided by other interactive whiteboards for a fraction of their cost. Powered by eInstruction’s Workspace software, the handheld pen and tablet enable interaction with lesson materials from virtually any source, as long as that source can be displayed on a computer screen. Teachers and students can interact via Mobi View from anywhere in the room; they can annotate, draw, write, manipulate, access Web sites and files, and send notes. With the addition of a projector, the lesson is displayed for all.

Ease of Use: Once the software is installed and the USB hub is connected, Mobi View is quickly recognized by a computer and active. Most of the tools are intuitive, but help is provided in print and online. Workspace software opens automatically upon selection of an annotation tool, and the computer desktop is projected to the class. The unit has a battery life of at least 16 hours, but it can normally be expected to last three to four weeks on a single charge with a range of at least 50 feet (15.24 meters) in an open-field line of sight.

Creative Use of Technology: Mobi View introduces a large LCD touch screen that lets the user control lessons from anywhere in the classroom. Workspace tools can be preset on the Mobi View touch screen, so it’s simple to write, draw, insert images, record, and play back, highlight over whatever is on the screen, and access favorites. Mobi View is designed to be used with Classroom Performance System, eInstruction’s student response system, so reports are generated automatically and can be viewed on Mobi View as students respond with clickers. Mobi View is most effective when used by a group, and in the multiuser mode, up to nine students or teams can collaborate with Mobi View, Mobi Learners, Mobi KWIK, or Dual Boards, each in a section of the screen, or as many as 30 Mobis can be connected with four hubs. Students can also display their work in “sandbox” mode, which allows many students to work within one larger display area, collaborating within the same space.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment : Mobi View was made for collaborative, interactive learning. Workspace software allows it to make any computer display interactive and engaging. Mobi View then saves the annotated pages as a presentation file. Foreign language and ESL teachers will appreciate knowing that Mobi can now speak Italian, French, and Spanish. Users have access to eI Community, a professional site with more than 125,000 online instructional resources that are organized and searchable by subject, grade level, media type, and standards.

Top Features
¦ Compared with the cost of an interactive board and software, Mobi View’s price makes it an excellent value as an interactive-learning system for the classroom.
¦ With the Workspace software, Mobi View allows educators to manipulate instructional content from anywhere in the room and project the activity onto any surface.
¦ Mobi View provides seamless integration of content, instruction, and formative assessment with a simple touch of the screen.

—MaryAnn Karre