Put to the Test: AVERPEN

Put to the Test: AVERPEN

AVerPen combines the features of interactive-whiteboard technologies in a mobile
collaborative-learning solution-all usable with virtually any surface in the room. Teacher pens
are able to control all features as well as activate, limit, and expand student-pen functions.

PROS: The product is lightweight and easy to use. It lets teachers use any hard surface as
a wireless slate, and with the class pack, several students can interact at the same time (as
many as 60 student pens can be registered). The screen can be split so that each user
can work in his or her own section. Using the built-in keypad on the pen, teachers can
ask any yes-no, true-false, or multiple-choice question and display results on the
screen. In the transparent mode, you can annotate on existing documents.

CONS: The pen is more expensive than a student-response system, but because it adds
key elements of an IWB in a mobile, collaborative solution that includes assessment, it
is a cost-effective alternative to a full IWB, SRS, and slate solution. [ED note: Aver does not market the pen as an SRS.]

OVERALL EVALUATION: The AVerPen is a good value in that it combines several
21st-century classroom products in one. If your school has AVer document cameras
(the pen is compatible only with AVer), this product is an excellent addition to the classroom.

Retail price: Starter pack, $799.99

-- Joe Huber