Put to the Test: Blossom Learning

Put to the Test: Blossom Learning

Blossom Learning is an online applied SMART Board course that allows teachers and students to take a course at their own pace, and repeat a lesson until proficiency is achieved. The course contains end of chapter reviews, but teachers have the freedom to review at any time.

PROS: The program is a bargain at its price, offering nearly four days of instruction and covering all aspects of the SMART Board from the basics to the most advanced topics. The course features built-in administrative functions that allow administrators to assign, monitor, and evaluate individual teacher progress.

CONS: To successfully take the course, teachers and students should have some prior knowledge of how to learn from an online course.

OVERALL EVALUATION: Schools who want to incorporate more SMART Board technology into their
classroom curricula will benefit from a program like Blossom Learning, with its straightforward lessons
and individualized opportunity for progressing at a self-paced level.

Retail price: $69.95

-- Joe Huber