Put to the Test: Epson BrightLink 450Wi

Put to the Test: Epson BrightLink 450Wi

Epson’s BrightLink 450Wi is an intelligent projector that allows educators to turn any standard whiteboard or smooth wall into an interactive learning area. This allows educators to easily integrate interactive capabilities and eliminates the need to purchase and install dedicated interactive whiteboards. The ultra-short throw Epson BrightLink 450Wi interactive projector comes with two digital infrared pens and wall mount hardware for easy installation.

Pros: The BrightLink 450Wi has all the functionality of an interactive whiteboard without the cost or trouble of mounting an IWB. The Epson BrightLink 450Wi can be permanently mounted as close as 2.8 inches from the wall. It is easy to set up, and the controls are well defined. Because of the USB plug-and-play, there is no need to use a VGA cable to project when using a Windows PC or MAC. The BrightLink 450Wi projects in native wide screen aspect ratio, as well as 4:3 aspect ratio. The built-in microphone input for voice amplification is good to narrate presentations.

Cons: It would be nice if this projector included auto keystone adjustment, as found in other Epson projectors (users can adjust keystone manually). The built-in speakers may not amplify enough for all locations. Users must use the pen to manipulate objects, versus the finger-touch technology found in some IWBs. ?

Overall evaluation: In addition to providing the functionality of an IWB, the BrightLink 450Wi projects an image larger than most IWBs. The variety of inputs and the clarity of the controls make the Epson BrightLink 450Wi an excellent choice for any school looking for an ultra short throw projector with interactive functionality. ?

-- Joe Huber

Watch the BrightLink 450Wi demo at FETC below (click HERE if you can't see the video):

Hall Davidson demos Epson BrightLink 450W: Click HERE if you don't see the video.