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Put to the Test: Sharp PG-D4010X

Put to the Test: Sharp PG-D4010X

The Sharp PG-D4010 can project an image to a class, the advantage this projector has over many others is that the image is very bright and can be projected in a fully lit classroom.

Pros: This projector is lightweight (only about 12 pounds), has a bright image at 4200 ANSI lumens, and has front access to bulb for easy replacement. The economy mode bulb can last up to 3000 hours. It features 1080p high-definition output. The lens is offset from the center for easy mounting. Controls are easy to navigate.

Overall evaluation: Even though this projector is more expensive than some other projectors, that extra brightness of the image and the almost 1000 hours addition bulb life make it a good value. Also the replacement lamps for this projector run about $500, where many of its lower-priced competitors replacement lamps run as much as $800.

Price: MSRP $2,495 Street Price $1,749