Questions to Ask Yourself

One of the things coaching does is help teachers to reflect on their own professional growth. The relationship between a coach and teacher builds trust. Some of the questions teachers have asked me might be good questions for all teachers to think about:

  • What can I do to improve my teaching practice?
  • How can I find the gaps in my teaching that is affecting student achievement?
  • How do my goals align to my school or district goals?
  • How do I know which goals are crucial for my professional growth and also meet the needs of my students?
  • How do I find time to meet my goals during the school day?
  • How can I add time to meet some of my goals after-school without taking over my personal life?

I suggest sharing these questions with your teachers. Have them start a journal or blog and create separate sections or posts for each question. This could be a private blog between the coach and teacher where the coach can provide ideas or comments.

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