Real Humans for Tech Support

Have you ever been on hold for hours when calling tech support for a problem with a computer or other tech device? If you’re tired of the ‘telephone trees’ and their ‘pretend human’ IVR – Interactive Voice Response – systems then check out the “Get Human” site, dedicated to improving the quality of phone support and customer service.

Go directly to their Get Human database to find the company with which you are concerned. If that company is not listed use some general tips to get to a live human if your company is not listed:

  1. Interrupt. Press 0 (or 0# or #0 or 0* or *0) repeatedly, sometimes quickly.
  2. Talk. Say "get human" (or "agent" or "representative") or raise your voice, or just mumble. :)
  3. Just hold, pretending you have only an old rotary phone.
  4. Connect to account collections or sales or account cancellation; they always seem to answer quickly. First ask them for their name and rep number. Then ask them to transfer you to the department you need. Sometimes this works - sometimes they put you at the end of the queue.

Toll call. Call the non-toll-free number if the wait time on the toll free number is too long.

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