Resetting At-Ease Administrator Password

Question: The previous Macintosh computer lab teacher did not document the At Ease password and we cannot get in to change settings. How can we reset the password?

The IT Guy says:
The answer to this question depends on what version of the Mac OS and At Ease you are running. If you have a Utilities floppy disk available, Apple has instructions you can follow for resetting the At Ease password using this disk on At Ease: Resetting Forgotten Password

If you are using At Ease for Workgroups, you can trash the At Ease preferences to delete the old administrator password, but you will have to get out of At Ease and into a Finder window to do this. Apple has instructions once you get out of At Ease to do this on At Ease for Workgroups: After Deleting Preferences

You may not be able to boot from a system CD, but give that a try first (hold down the “C†key when rebooting.) If you can boot and view the hard drive, move the At Ease extension files to the Disabled Extensions folder in the System Folder, and trash the At Ease preference files also in the System Folder. You may have to hold down the option key when emptying the trash if the files are locked.

If that does not work, you may have to remove the hard disk from the computer and attach it to another computer with a different SCSI ID or set as a slave drive if it is IDE. Then you should be able to make changes / modifications to the system folder.

Your best bet may be to format / reinitialize the hard drive and reinstall your applications, although this will be time consuming. After you have one computer set up the way you want, one way to clone the computers is to use the Apple Network Administrator’s Toolkit program, if that was purchased by your school and is still available.

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