School Loop, TeleParent Partner

School Loop and TeleParent have partnered to make TeleParent's technology available through the School Loop Plus online application.

This partnership allows parents to receive either a personalized daily email about their child's grades and homework, or, if there is no email registered, a phone call in their native language to alert them to tests, critical assignments, and grade progress.

School Loop Plus, an upgrade to School Loop Standard, integrates a variety of communication tools including Web sites, alert emails, and the telephone to ensure even people without computers are in the loop.
TeleParent, an automated telephone notification service, is designed to increase parent involvement in students' lives and to provide positive feedback to parents and students. The system delivers messages in 23 languages. Using TeleParent within School Loop is seamless for teachers and administrators, with five main prompts that automate messages to parents. Those prompts include a test scheduled for the next day, a letter grade improvement or drop, assignment of a big project, or a big project due the next day.