SchoolCIO: Back Office Business

SchoolCIO: Back Office Business

Game On!

Challenge: The California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) evaluates resources for its 10,000 public schools to serve as supplemental resources in their classrooms. Resources that meet CLRN’s rigorous review criteria are included in the CLRN database and Web site and schools can purchase them with state-allocated funds.
Solution: CLRN approved Wowzers, a game-based, adaptive, online learning program that uses story-driven games and activities to replace assessments, manipulatives, and textbooks.

Speech therapy goes online

Challenge: Despite a shortage of speech-language pathologists, Harrison Public School District #2 in Colorado needed to find a way to provide speech therapy.
Solution: The district partnered with PresenceLearning to offer online, speech-therapy services for K-12 students. Now, the district’s speech-language pathologist assistants work with PresenceLearning��s certified therapists to offer a combination of virtual and onsite support to more than 120 students.

An Illinois district solves its data problems with technology

Challenge: United Township High School District #30 had an insurmountable amount of student data—most of it on paper—that was difficult to get into teachers’ hands. “We were looking for a data system that would increase our efficiency and give teachers the data they needed to make instructional decisions in a timely manner,” says Terri VandeWiele, Ed.D., assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction.
Solution: The district partnered with Performance Matters, a Web-based product that lets users slice and dice data to monitor student performance and growth in real time, evaluate instructional impact, and analyze policies and programs. “Performance Matters will allow us to review and analyze data more effectively, which will enable us to make better decisions,” says VandeWiele. “We will also be able to disaggregate student data to quickly identify areas of concern or to identify students who need extra assistance.”

A California elementary district moves off the low performing schools list

Challenge: Lakeside Union Elementary School District needed to implement instructional approaches and heavy-duty professional development—and invest in technology upgrades—to improve teacher effectiveness and boost its ranking on the state Academic Performance Index.
Solution: With its $3 million Federal School Improvement Grant, the district installed Mimio classroom interactive hardware and instructional software products.

Blended learning comes to Ohio

Challenge: Springfield City School District received community feedback that it needed to offer more educational options for students.
Solution: The district launched OnCourse Online Learning for students in the county and throughout the state. Springfield City School District is the first school district in the state to pursue a blended model of education. Students participating in OnCourse can take online, traditional, or credit-flex courses.