SchoolReach Releases Results of National "State of School Safety" Survey

More than 88% of school administrators had to communicate with parents about a safety-related incident within the past 12 months, according to a new national survey of K-12 school leaders.

The “State of School Safety in America” survey was completed by more than 350 high-ranking school administrators across 48 states and conducted by SchoolReach, a provider of school communications technology.

Survey respondents provided their views on a broad range of safety issues including school shooting preparedness, lockdown operations, bullying prevention, and emergency response.

Survey respondents identified bullying as one of the issues their schools and districts were less prepared to handle.

School leaders also gave differing responses on the question of whether to maintain "zero tolerance" behavioral policies as a means to prevent school violence.

School leaders can download a summary of the “State of School Safety in America” survey results by visiting the SchoolReach website at