Sharing an Audio Journal with Your Community Recorder by Tim Lauer

Sharing an Audio Journal with Your Community Recorder is an audio recording tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is great for recording short audio memos, or to record a talk or a lecture. Similar applications are available for other types of phones as well as stand alone audio recording devices.

Recently I have been in the habit of using Recorder on my iPhone to record short interviews with students and staff about what I am seeing in their classrooms. I am starting to share these on my blog and on the school web site. I see this as one more way to share with our community the work taking place in our school and help give a fuller picture of the work we are engaged in. Below is a recent example...

Lewis Audio Journal: On Friday, I was visiting Ms. Davis' 3rd grade classroom when a student named Cordell came up to me and asked if her could read a poem to me. I clicked into Recorder and below is the result. I plan to do this more often and use Recorder to record conversations with Lewis students and staff.

Click HERE to hear a sample recording.