SIIA releases first-of-its-kind CEO forecast on future of the software industry

Washington, DC -- May 25, 2011

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries, today released Vision from the Top, an unprecedented CEO report on the future of the software and services industry. The publication features commentary and forecasts from 45 CEOs, who predict what industry will look like five and 10 years from now. The report was released today during All About the Cloud—the software industry's most comprehensive ISV cloud computing conference.

"The software industry is a driving force behind business innovation and economic growth," said Rhianna Collier, vice president of SIIA's software division. "As companies and governments seize opportunities offered by the cloud, software as a service, mobile applications and more, SIIA took the pulse of 45 software executives to see what's next for software and global business.

"Thanks to our participating CEOs, SIIA's Vision from the Top provides thoughtful, experienced insight into the future of software and the cloud," continued Collier. "The forecasts paint a portrait of a dynamic industry whose value will continue to skyrocket as it is heavily impacted by mobility and social media innovation. And it's clear that cloud computing will continue changing the way we provide and consume services. There is now an expectation that services will offer the flexibility, scalability, ease of use and real-time management offered by the cloud."

Vision from the Top features insights from 45 leading executives, including:

· Brad Smith, President & CEO, Intuit
· Jim Whitehurst, President & CEO, Red Hat
· Zach Nelson, CEO, NetSuite
· Mark Symonds, President & CEO, Plex Systems
· Treb Ryan, CEO, OpSource

In his forecast, Brad Smith, President and CEO of Intuit, outlines several consumer-oriented shifts that are already shaping the future of cloud computing and must be recognized. "The world is quickly shifting from a paper-based, human-produced, brick-and-mortar-bound market to one where people understand, appreciate and embrace the benefits of truly connected software, platforms and services," Smith said. "As an industry, we will continue to innovate, but must make our customers our copilots, as they will guide our future direction."

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