Software to top computer freezes

Question: Is there a program I can download to stop computer freezes, and is it free to download?

The IT Guy says:
Unfortunately, no. A computer freeze can be caused by many things, but often it is due to conflicting software that needs to be updated / patched.

So while you cannot download a free program that will stop all computer freezes from happening, you can download free system software updates from your operating system manufacturer, like Microsoft’s Windows Update site, and software patches/updates from the manufacturer of other 3rd party programs. Visit the Web site for the software you use on your computer and check their support section for software updates. Search Google for their Web site if you do not know it, or view the printed documentation that came with the software to find the Web address.

Newer operating systems like WindowsXP and Macintosh OS X can be enabled to automatically download and install operating system updates, and this can generally be a good idea. If you are running specialized software, however, beware that some system updates may impair software functionality. Before installing a major update, it is always best to check with your IT department as well as the third-party software manufacturer to make sure their software is certified to work with the update, or a patch is available to update the software and ensure compatibility and functionality.

You should generally avoid downloading and installing extra software programs on your classroom computer, and avoid letting students download and install software programs. Third-party programs, especially those written by amateur developers, can often cause system conflicts that result in freezes.

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