Sphero Introduces Way for Kids to Compose Code


Sphero today announced the launch of Specdrums, app-enabled rings that let kids of all ages and skill levels make the world their instruments by tapping colors around them. 

Specdrums connects coding and technology with kids’ ability to move and tap to create rhythm and sound. Features include:

  • Customizable sounds that allow users to explore more than 100-plus other instruments, all with their fingertips
  • Durable app-enabled silicon rings with motion and light sensors that turn surrounding colors into sound
  • Multi-color playpad to tap the rings on

Specdrums was developed with educators in mind and transitions well from the home into the classroom. Educators can build an integrated tech-to-classroom experience through both STEM and fine arts fundamentals. 

MSRP: $64.99/ring or $99.99/2 rings. Available on Jan. 7 at Sphero.com (shipping on Jan. 15)