Storage Media

Question: I have been using floppies to work on the school Web page. I am trying to use CD's instead but am having a hard time saving as a Web page. I also want to save an Excel file so that it is active after I get it uploaded. Is this possible and can you help me with my problem with CD's?

The IT Guy says:
CDs come in two broad categories: CD-R and CD+R disks are single use disks, while CD-RW disks are re-writeable and can (with certain caveats) be used repeatedly with different data saved to the CD each time.

Before going into more detail about the differences and potential problems you can run into trying to use a CD as a removable media drive (similar to a floppy), I would recommend that you stop using CDs for this purpose and purchase a relatively inexpensive USB keydrive/thumbdrive. The main disadvantage of using a USB keydrive may have to do with accessing your computer’s USB port, as you must plug the keydrive into that port in order to use it. But by purchasing a relatively inexpensive USB extension cord (with one female end and one male end) you can avoid the hassle of reaching the USB port if it is difficult to access. If your computer already has a Zip drive, it may prove less troublesome than using a CD drive.

On the subject of using a CD drive, my first recommendation is to make sure you have a CD-RW drive and are using CD-RW disks. If you are having problems making changes to files you have saved on a CD, make sure the disk is not a CD-R or CD+R disk, and make sure you have not finished burning the session on your computer.

The easiest way around this problem is probably to work with a keydrive/thumbdrive. The initial investment may be more than several CD-RW disks, but in the long run I think this will cause you fewer headaches.

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