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Ever had to email a large file — whether it's a multimedia slide show, zipped file, digital photo, or video — to someone only to find that they didn't have enough email storage capacity in their email to receive it? Or, worse, that you lacked the storage to send the file? While you could have emailed that file to yourself using a Yahoo or Gmail account with extra storage space (2-4 gigabytes of space, respectively), you could also have taken advantage of online storage services. Often, while we may have places to store large files online as backups, how do we send those to others? Several such services exist and include the following:

  • openomy -
    Provides 1 gigabyte of storage space, is free (or it wouldn't be listed here), and allows you to have open space accessible as well as closed space (private). Unlike past online storage space services, it organizes information using tags (short single word descriptors) rather than folders. This allows you to refer to the file using a variety of words or tags. This enables the file to reach a greater audience because you are not focused on the file but the words that describe the file.
  • Dropload -
    This fascinating service allows you to "drop your files off" and then allow someone else to pick them up. You upload the file then specify who is to be the person that will pick up the file. The person receives an email with the necessary instructions on how to get the file you've made available for them. The files — up to a 100 megabytes each — are kept online for 7 days and then deleted.
  • YouSendIt -
    A service similar to DropLoad, also free, but provides you with up to 1 gigabyte of storage space and features data encryption.
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