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Recommendations for Teacher Website Creation Tools

Question: You recommend DreamWeaver for teacher Web site development. We use this in our district, and it works well, but we find there are some teachers who are still overwhelmed by this powerful program. Do you have any other suggestions for making it as easy as possible for a teacher to develop a main page and a

Present at the Creation

Present at the Creation A compilation of stories from National Public Radio's fascinating "Morning Edition" about the creation of new and extraordinary objects, films, and artwork that have shaped and that continue to shape American popular culture. Explore everything from the hamburger, to

Trees Storybook Animation

Trees Storybook Animation This animation about trees, in the form of a colorful storybook, covers the various functions of trees including purpose and life cycle. Beginning with simple concepts and progressing to the more complex, this site would provide a great foundation for younger students or

Babylonian Creation

Babylonian Creation This is a Flash-animated exploration of Babylonian beliefs about how the world and human life were created. It includes overviews of Babylonian culture and the Babylonian pantheon of gods along with a list of suggested exercises. This is part of a larger site that examines stories