Streaming video access

Question: I am trying to access an archived video saved on the Internet to show my students. The video plays back fine on my home computer, but not on my classroom computer. What should I do?

The IT Guy says:
The first thing to check is if your player software program is updated. Whether you are using QuickTime, Windows Media or Real Player, visit the respective Website of the video playback format to download and install the latest version of their free player software.

Once you confirm you’re running the latest version of the video playback software, check to see if you can play any type of streaming media files. United Streaming is an excellent source of streaming video files and offers downloads in several formats. If you don’t have an account, register for a free trial and then attempt to download and view different video clips in different formats.

Your district firewall may be configured to prohibit the reception of streaming video files. In this case, contact your IT department and ask for a firewall exception to be created for your classroom computer’s fixed IP address so you can view instructionally appropriate video clips during class.

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