Switching between open Mac OS 10.3 programs

Question: What are the different ways I can switch between open programs in Macintosh's new "Panther" operating system, OS 10.3?

The IT Guy says:
Macintosh introduced "the dock" with its UNIX-based operating system (known as OS 10 but written as OS X.) With the latest iteration (10.3), users have several different ways to application switch.

The most straightforward way is to click on a program icon in the "dock" at the bottom of the screen, just as Windows users click on icons in their taskbar. Open programs have a small triangle underneath them — icons without the underlying triangle have their shortcut saved in the dock but are not currently open.

The flashiest way to switch between applications is to press the F9 function key. By default that is the function key set to use the "Expose" feature of Panther: all open windows on your computer become smaller versions and arrange themselves so none overlap in your available monitor space. Click on one of these resized windows to switch into that program or window.

A less fancy but speedy way to switch apps is to hold down the command key (apple key) and hold down TAB. This is similar to holding down ALT and pressing TAB to application switch in Windows. While holding down the TAB key in Mac OS 10.3, use the arrow keys to select the program you want. When you release the keys, the application switches to your selection.

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