SymEd for K-12 and Higher Education Launched

Symantec Corp. today announced the launch of SymEd, a new licensing model designed to help academic institutions protect information while managing and securing their IT infrastructure.

SymEd combines solutions for threat management, data protection, virtualization, encryption and endpoint protection to support the growing technology demands in academia. The SymEd offering provides a standardized, enterprise-wide platform within the academic institution while providing the flexibility to select additional Symantec solutions to meet the needs of individual departments.

SymEd provides a comprehensive centralized management platform and a means to secure and manage multiple endpoints: PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones for both faculty and students whether they are school-issued or personal devices.

A key feature of the SymEd offering is the new licensing model based on full-time employee (FTE) count rather than per device. This gives institutions the ability to plan budgets by counting FTEs once per year and to better estimate costs year to year. Other features include:

  • Secure e-Learning environment for physical, virtual and cloud platforms
  • Reduced licensing costs with application streaming for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) initiatives
  • Centralized standards to allow institutions to automate the deployment, security and management of devices with central management
  • Support for multiple operating systems including Windows®, MAC OSTM, iOSTM, Android®, LinuxTM and others
  • Critical data protection with advanced local backup and recovery for Windows desktops and laptops
  • Simplified method to ensure license compliance across the institution
  • Home use rights for faculty and staff
  • Student usage add-on option available for Endpoint Protection