Tag, You're It!

At a recent conference I attended, several speakers referred to ‘Tagging.’ They assumed everyone in the audience understood the term, and didn’t provide a definition. I gather it has something to do with Web sites, but could you explain what it means?

Tags are single word descriptors used to categorize information on the Web. This approach to information organization is very popular on blogs and sites where users post and publish photographs or share bookmarks. For example, when a subscriber bookmarks such a site using del.icio.us, s/he is given the opportunity to add tag words. Once a descriptor is assigned, subscribers can click on a tag word to access a list of all the sites they have bookmarked in that category. Furthermore, subscribers can also view sites that other users have tagged with the same descriptor to find additional related resources.

This is a very simplistic explanation, but it should give you the basic idea.

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