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Teachers Embrace Digital RESOURCES To Propel Learning

74%of teachers say:“Education is aStudent-Motivator”
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74% of teachers say: “Education is a Student-Motivator”

More than Two-thirds of teachers want more classroom Technology

And up to 75% of teachers in low-income schools

Source: From a recent national survey of pre-K-12 teachers by PBS LearningMedia



Mobile learning embraced, safely

The number of districts implementing mobile learning programs grows every year. Inexpensive Netbook and tablet solutions, as well as increasingly common "Bring Your Own Device" programs, have made it easier for more schools to realize the anytime/anywhere educational benefits of mobile learning.

Milwaukee schools embrace streaming digital media

Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) has begun implementing Discovery Education streaming Plus in more than 140 schools.  The program boosts curricula with up to 9,000 videos and 71,000 digital video clips, aligned to state standards and searchable by keyword, content area and grade level.

Indiana and Louisiana embrace digital curriculum for science

Indiana and Louisiana have joined Oregon in adopting the Discovery Education Science Techbook as a digital core instructional resource for elementary and middle school science instruction through their state textbook adoption processes.“Discovery Education Science Techbook brings the world of science

Complexities in utilizing free digital learning resources promo image

Complexities in utilizing free digital learning resources

As devices proliferate, and as better and more widespread connectivity enables connections to networks from different places using a variety of different devices, the value will decreasingly be in the devices themselves, but rather in the educational content they enable learners and teachers to access.