Testing across iPhone, iPad and Android

BenchPrep, formerly known as Watermelon Express, today announced the official launch of its cross-platform test prep and learning app for the Web, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Users can download the free BenchPrep app on any of their devices, purchase study content across dozens of disciplines, and study using a robust, interactive, and social interface. Users are able to do things like start a practice test on an iPhone, finish it on an iPad, and review the answers later on the Web.

In addition to the ability to read review material, take practice tests, study digital flash cards and access customized progress reports , BenchPrep users can chat with other users real-time who are studying the same subject and compare their performance real-time with their friends.

Soon students will have access to a number of advanced social and study management tools that will provide an even more comprehensive, collaborative and effective learning experience. These include:

  • Social Q&A: Users can post questions on material that are answered by their peers, tutors and other content experts.
  • Public notes: Students can post and access helpful notes on review material and practice questions, including additional study resources and tips to learn concepts more effectively.
  • Study Plans: Users can set a study schedule and set up alerts and notifications to stay motivated and organized.
  • Rewards & Leaderboards: Students can track performance and compete against their peers to gain rewards and establish credibility within the app.

“Studying from a test preparation textbook, be it paper or digital, is typically a boring, one-dimensional experience,” explained Ashish Rangnekar, co-founder of BenchPrep. “BenchPrep app is much more than an ebook reader; it creates a rich, truly interactive learning experience. It does this by breaking down the content into interactive modules and wrapping many social and data analysis components, so that learning is not just between the student and the material but allows students to connect with their peers, educators, and experts,” he said. “More importantly with BenchPrep, you can study whenever you want, wherever you are – on the bus, on a train, in a library, even online.”