The Tuning Protocol

The Tuning Protocol was developed by David Allen and Joe McDonald of the Coalition of Essential Schools for teachers to use to look closely at student work:

  1. The facilitator introduces the goals, norms, and agenda.
  2. A teacher presents and describes samples of student work including the context, assessment, etc.
  3. The facilitator fields clarifying questions from the group.
  4. Participants reflect and note if feedback is supportive (warm) or comments (cool).
  5. Participants share among themselves responses to the work as the teacher is silent and with some guidance from the facilitator.
  6. Teacher reflects and responds to comments with the participants silent and the facilitator helping lend focus.
  7. The teacher begins debriefing experience with the group adding to the discussion any misunderstanding or positive reactions anyone may have experienced.

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Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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