T&L News(11)

  • New communications technology is allowing schools to make hundreds, or even thousands, of phone calls to parents almost instantaneously, improving the schools’ ability to keep in touch and easing parents’ concerns about safety and security.
  • Today’s students were raised on digital technologies that have shaped their notions of literacy, intelligence, friendship and learning. What does this mean for the future? Read this CNET report. What are the implications for teaching and learning?
  • The Philadelphia school district has a new tool to improve efficiency and solve problems that police departments and city governments use. Learn how SchoolStat works.
  • A Wisconsin school board will launch an internal blog focused on the district’s curriculum development efforts as a way of testing out blogs as a parent communication tool.
  • Combine a picture snapped with a camera phone and a visual database and you have a new tool that can be used to search the Web, deliver personalized information and market new products.