T&L News(12)

  • Web sites that compile public data are helping parents to compare statistics on several schools to draw their own conclusions about school performance.
  • Hoping to get teachers more timely and detailed information about student achievement, South Carolina legislators are considering moving the state’s annual Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test to the computer and maybe even shifting to a computer adaptive format.
  • Handheld technology is giving teachers another way to engage students in their own learning. Podcasts, handheld-enabled peer editing, and probe-based data collection and analysis keep students involved in hands-on learning and facilitate collaboration.
  • How important is the web? How reliable? How accurate? Do kids and parents agree on how much time online is best or how much it affects schoolwork? A new report tells all.
  • A Microsoft research project holds out hope for people who wade through hundreds of e-mail each day. SNARF or Social Network And Relationship Finder uses social analysis of e-mail to enable people to sort messages by whether the recipient knows the sender well.