T&L News(2)

  • Maryland’s Prince George’s County school district will spend $4.1 million to implement a new centralized student information system, giving administrators, teachers and parents secure, web-based access to student information.
  • As both federal and state funders cut back on dedicated technology funding, school districts find themselves struggling to support their existing programs and worried about the future. Read about how this is playing out in Wisconsin.
  • In Chicago each public schools has its own budget for purchasing and supporting its own computers. And that has led to some massive problems, as the schools struggle to find their way in unfamiliar territory. Read how Chicago’s CTO is helping out with a one–stop support service.
  • NetDay has released Visions 2020.2: Student Views on Transforming Education and Training Through Advanced Technologies, a report that draws on students’ vision of technology for learning. Read the report to learn about the most common future themes students envisioned.