T&L News(4)

  • ISD #294 in Houston, MN, began experimenting with online education to better serve students in its alternative learning center and found a way to fuel enrollment growth. Today, the district’s Minnesota Virtual Academy (K-8) and Minnesota Center of Online Learning (9-12) serve more than 700 students statewide.
  • Teachers are the first audience to gain access to Arizona’s new Integrated Data to Enhance Arizona's Learning (IDEAL) portal. By next school year the state expects to have 50,000 state teachers, 1 million students and their families linked through IDEAL creating one virtual statewide campus.
  • According to a new report from Wayne State University, if Michigan hopes to retain its competitive edge in the 21st Century knowledge economy, it needs to cast off the “anchors of attitude, archaic laws and public policies and beliefs†that bind it to 20th-Century education models. Read more.
  • Nicholas Negroponte detailed the specs for an under $100 laptop, including a windup crank attached to the side of the machines that will provide power. Brazil, China, Thailand, Egypt and South Africa are interested in obtaining the PCs for their nations’ children, as is Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.
  • Assistive technology — devices that aid people with visual, hearing, learning and other physical disabilities — is becoming a big business. For some individuals, the right assistive technology spells independence and an improved quality of life. Learn about the newest developments.