T&L News(46)

  • New Curriculum Delivered Online
    Students in some Connecticut classrooms will find themselves learning in a new way this year, using new online curriculums developed by one of the state’s regional educational support agencies.
  • Teachers Brush Up Skills in Summer Classes
    All over the nation, teachers took advantage of summer vacation to sharpen their classroom skills, like the teachers attending classes at Kennesaw State (GA) University’s Educational Technology Training Center.
  • Vail Offers a Robust Distance Learning Program
    Students enrolled in the Vail Distance Learning Program can take all of their middle and high school courses online, earning a high school degree.
  • Start Your Students Thinking about ThinkQuest
    ThinkQuest International 2007 is now open, inviting students ages 9 to 19 and teachers from around the globe to take part in this project-based, collaborative learning experience.
  • Gaming for the Social Good
    Games fro Health is out to turn the videogame into a tool for social good. The organization, made up of medical professionals, researchers and game makers, explores new ways to improve health care practices and policy.