T&L News(55)

  • Laptops Enrich Learning for Caseville Students
    Using funding from Michigan's Freedom to Learn program, the Caseville Public School district is enriching teaching and learning by providing wireless laptops to every student in sixth through 12th grade.
  • Is a Virtual Science Lab Good Enough?
    The College Board is examining the quality of online labs and experiments to determine if high schools can apply the A.P. designation to online science courses that do not provide hands-on lab work.
  • Blogs Motivate Student Writing
    Teachers are finding that blogs can be a powerful tool for getting students to write, in large part because with a blog students become more aware of writing for an audience and benefit from the feedback they receive.
  • TAF To Extend Its Model to Public Schools
    The Technology Access Foundation's (TAF) helps prepare underserved students of color for success in a technology-driven world by providing skills for the 21st Century. It hopes to extend that mission by partnering with school districts to open five new public schools.
  • Virtual Reality Upgrade at the University of Illinois
    A new wireless virtual reality system has been installed in the Beckman Institute Cube at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, an immersive, true 3-D visualization chamber.