T&L News(79)

Week of: May 28, 2007

  • New Technology Legislation Introduced
    On May 23, HR 2449, the Achievement Through Technology and Innovation (ATTAIN) Act was introduced in the House of Representatives, proposing significant improvements to the Enhancing Education Through Technology program.
  • All the Facts about Online Learning
    The National Primer on K-12 Online Learning, from the North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL), provides a comprehensive overview of online learning by examining the basics.
  • Webcasting Graduation
    Schools are finding that a relatively small investment allows them to extend access to graduation and other school activities to at-home viewers, who access the events via the Internet.
  • New Orleans Charter Group Plans Tech School
    The Algiers Charter School Association (ACSA) is planning to open a technology-themed high school next school year.
  • CitySense
    Harvard University and BBN Technologies are building a wireless network that will eventually encompass the entire city of Cambridge, MA.