Top 10 Online Stories

1 20+ Fun Free Apps that Promote Student Centered Learning & Literacy

Shelly Terrell shares her favorite free apps for creating digital stories, reading stories, and interacting with stories.

2 Site of the Day: The Amazing Mathematical Object Factory

This site allows you to review many combinatorial objects by producing lists of mathematical objects.

3 19 bold (not old) ideas for change

Will Richardson’s ignite session showcasing 19 bold ideas for change.

4 Flipped Classroom Study

What do teachers who’ve flipped their classrooms have to report?

5 15+ Tools to Bookmark, Aggregate & Curate

Shelly Terrell lists free Web tools to help you bookmark, aggregate, curate, and share resources with others.

6 Common Core Apps for Special Needs Students

Vicki Windman shares a variety of apps to meet all of the first grade standards, as well as some other grades.

7 Video Tutorial: Introduction to Effective Presentation Design

Chris Bolden introduces Atomic Learning’s guide to effective presentation design.

8 App Review: The Surprise

This app can help students increase their ability to draw inferences using picture clues and written expressive language.

9 Fantastic Four Activity

This activity uses four randomly selected numbers to create an equation that equals a fifth number.

10 Digital Citizenship

Jon Orech reports on his district’s successful “Digital Citizenship” program, which pairs student mentors with younger students to prevent cyberbullying.