Top 10 Web stories, May 2011 - Tech Learning

Top 10 Web stories, May 2011

Lisa Nielsen loves cell phones.
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1 Six simple ways to use cells for learning

Lisa Nielsen loves cell phones. Here she shares some of her favorite ways to use these tools in the classroom.

2 Twelve Reasons to Teach Searching Techniques with Google Advanced Search

Michael Gorman’s latest post points out why you may still want to start teaching search skills using Google Advanced Search.

3 Evernote

David Andrade reviews Evernote, a free resource that allows you to capture information with whichever device or operating system you use.

4 Web 2.0-—Like Drinking Water from a Fire Hose

Frank Pileiro reports on how to develop your own Web 2.0 tool kit.

5 American Geological Institute

This is a sample of T&L’s weekly Sites We Like, sponsored by NetTrekker.

6 What’s New

The latest tools for schools

7 iPads in the Classroom

By Autumn Kelley
Special Education uses iPads to supplement instruction in reading and math as well as to facilitate communication for students with autism spectrum disorders and others who require support.

8 iPads Versus Netbooks for a One-to-One Program

Ben Grey reports on his middle school’s journey to implementing a one-to-one program.

9 iPads, iPod touches, and iPhones as Assistive Technology in Education

Eric Lawson explains how his school uses iPads for its special-needs students.

10 iPad Apps for Children with Special-Needs

Vicki Windman shares her favorite iPad apps for special needs students.



Top 10 Web stories, June 2011

Bob Sprankle suggests that teachers bring their smart devices to their next conference, the better to show parents what their students are doing in class.

Top 10 Web stories

Dean Shareski sees an interesting shift occurring in his district, which leads him to think that the iPad is generating more discussion about the role of technology in learning than any tool or event to date.

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Top 10 Web stories

Lots of schools are talking about the importance of preparing their students for an increasingly interconnected, Webcentric world.

Top 10 Web stories, January 2012

When assembling our 25 most-visited blog posts from 2011, we noticed that, with the exception of just three posts, every one of our top stories was a list.