Top 10 Web stories, October 2011 - Tech Learning

Top 10 Web stories, October 2011

Vicki Windman and her colleagues produced this starter iPad app catalog for teachers and students.
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1 A Catalog of iPad Apps

Vicki Windman and her colleagues produced this starter iPad app catalog for teachers and students.

2 Top 10 iPad Tips & Tricks

David Kapuler shares his time-saving tricks that can be done on a Mac or on an iPad.

3 A Math Hater’s Five Favorite Math Resources

Lisa Nielsen confesses she’s never been a fan of math, but she found five resources she enjoys. Your mathreluctant student might, too.

4 Back-to-School Apps for Teachers

Vicki Windman lists her go-to apps for back-to-school management, including apps for grading, attendance, note taking and lesson planning.

5 Top 20 Social Networks for Education

David Kapuler updates his top picks for education networks that target technology literacy.

6 A to Z Web Tools: G+H

Ozge Karaoglu adds more Web 2.0 tools to her alphabetical list of resources. Here, she presents G and H.

7 Top 10 Sites for Photo Editing

David Kapuler lists his favorite photo editing sites that not only allow the user to resize and edit the photo, but also add effects.

8 154 Ways to Use Moodle

Guest blogger Michelle Vance says there is no wrong way to create a Moodle page. Here is a list to help you decide what to include on your page.

9 Pick Up The Tabs

T&L thinks the question of whether or not tablets as classroom textbook killers is not “if” but “when.”

10 Upgrade your KWL Chart

Silvia Tolisano reports on her biggest take-away from the Curriculum Mapping Institute: an upgrade to the trusted KWL (Know, What to Know and Learned) Chart.



Top 10 Web stories

Dean Shareski sees an interesting shift occurring in his district, which leads him to think that the iPad is generating more discussion about the role of technology in learning than any tool or event to date.

Top 10 Web stories, June 2011

Bob Sprankle suggests that teachers bring their smart devices to their next conference, the better to show parents what their students are doing in class.

Top 10 Web stories, July 2011

From’s “Site of the Day,” sponsored by netTrekker, this site comes from the British Library, whichpresents in it a series of illustrated essays on the different ways that the human body has been represented in art and science through history.

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Top 10 Web stories

Lots of schools are talking about the importance of preparing their students for an increasingly interconnected, Webcentric world.

Top 10 Web stories, January 2012

When assembling our 25 most-visited blog posts from 2011, we noticed that, with the exception of just three posts, every one of our top stories was a list.