Top10 Web Stories

1 Class Tech Tips: 12 Apps for the One iPad Classroom

Guest blogger Monica Burns recommends the best apps to use with one iPad.

2 The Leadership Issue: The Big 10

T&L highlights the key influencers on the K-12 edtech scene.

3 The Realities of 1:1

T&L reports on how several school districts are adopting 1:1 initiatives, uncovering tips for success as well as what to avoid.

4 App of the Day: Awesome Free Tool to Create and Share Multimedia Lessons

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard offers easy options for making presentations more engaging.

5 Grants Deadlines & Calendar, 2014-2015

Download this free T&L calendar to stay on top of grant deadlines for the school year and access tips for writing a grant proposal.

6 Forty Educational Web Sites to Put in Your Toolkit, Part 1

Michael Gorman recommends Web sites that should be in every teacher’s toolbox.

7 Ten Sites for Online/ Educational Tutorials

David Kapuler highlights the best Web sites for online learning across multiple subjects.

8 Mobile Tech Study Provides Insights, Pricing Data, and Promising Practices for Instruction

The National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education reviews the instructional approaches teachers are taking with mobile devices.

9 ISTE 2014 Buyer’s Guide

This guide covers what the top edtech companies unveiled at ISTE.

10 Math Games: Batter’s Up Baseball

This interactive baseball game helps students improve their multiplication skills.