Trends & Resources : The latest news for school leaders

Trends & Resources : The latest news for school leaders

Bad news for schools doing one-toone and mobile programs: A new report from Trustwave reveals that the target of computer attacks has shifted from traditional infrastructure to mobile users and end-point devices. The Global Security Report 2011 found that malicious tools became more customized, automated, and persistent in 2010. Combined with the popularity of mobile devices and social media, they are providing the perfect recipe for cyber-criminals intent on compromising businesses’, customers’, and users’ private and sensitive information. Protect your schools by learning about Trustwave’s client defense strategies.

The other study, Arbor Networks’ sixth annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report, offers a rare view into the challenges facing network operators in the front lines of a global battle against botnets and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Designed to provide data and insight to help network operators make more informed decisions about their security strategies, this report focuses on the preponderance of DDoS attacks in 2010.

Desktop virtualization helps districts save money and increase security

K–12 districts that use Virtual Bridges, Inc.’s VER DE desktop virtualization solution report more efficient IT, reduced labor costs, extended PC life span, and reduced security risks, according to the company. On average, Virtual Bridges’ education customers save $400 per desktop and reduce their operating expenses up to 50 percent by means of centralized management.

US Cyber Challenge partners with Lockheed Martin and Microsoft

The US Cyber Challenge has announced partnerships with Lockheed Martin and Microsoft. The two sponsors will support the activities of the USCC , which conducts online competitions and on-site camps that help people develop computer skills, gain access to advanced training, and achieve recognition through scholarships, internships, and jobs. The USCC ’s goal is to find 10,000 talented Americans to fill the ranks of cybersecurity professionals, where their skills can be of the greatest value to the nation.

The partnerships with Lockheed Martin and Microsoft provide support for USCC programs, which will include national and regional contests for high school students.

New tablet for ed market comes with extra security

Brainchild’s Kineo, which debuted in February at FETC , is the first Android tablet e-book reader created exclusively for education, as it has built-in features to keep schools and students safe. Kineo was designed in close cooperation with teachers and administrators, who stressed that security features were critical. Unlike other tablets, which can surf the Internet at will, Kineo can access only Web sites that are preprogrammed by the administrator or teacher. In addition, messaging capabilities have been disabled to make sure that students use it for learning, not texting.