UK schools implement social e-learning platform

Global software professional services firm ITWorx has been selected to implement its social e-learning platform “CLG” (Connected Learning Gateway) across a batch of eight secondary schools for Durham County Council (DCC) in the United Kingdom. This new award came through an agreement with inspiredspaces Durham Ltd.

Technology has transformed the way we experience the world, changing the needs of businesses and demanding new learning and teaching processes. With this in mind, DCC aims to provide children and communities with access to a first-class education and facilities. Schools are to be at the heart of local communities, providing opportunities for lifelong learning.

Since 2006, ITWorx and DCC have collaborated on implementing advanced education solutions, setting new benchmarks in e-learning and student collaboration, such as the implementation of the Microsoft Learning Gateway (MLG) across all schools in the county. Born out of MLG, ITWorx CLG 2.0 combines a wide range of tools for content authoring and social networking, as well as mobile applications. CLG provides students, teachers, parents, school managers and administrators with a platform for e-learning, collaboration and assessment which can be accessed at school, at home, or via mobile devices.

“ITWorx e-learning platform, timely delivery, and continued professional support have been instrumental to us in raising the quality of education at our schools and changing the way learning is perceived. We look forward to working with ITWorx again on the implementation of their new learning platform,” explains Kevin Broadfoot, Specialist ICT Inspector, DCC.

CLG wraps up learning in the fun of social networking. DCC students can create their own e-portfolios, set their own individual learning plans, and experience self-paced learning while sharing evaluation and assessment with teachers and peers. They can depend on visual and audio tools to interact within the education community via online discussions, forums, blogs, messaging, wall-to-wall comments and multimedia attachments.