Unlimited site license offered for video collaboration

Video conferencing solutions provider IOCOM today announced a new platform for K-12 school districts and universities. IOCOM Edu, powered by IOCOM Visimeet video collaboration software, provides an unlimited site license for the entire institution at an affordable price point.

“Our latest version of Visimeet offers a wide range of deployment options. We have been active in the education and research communities for well over 10 years and are very excited to finally be able to offer IOCOM Edu,” said Jim Miller, CEO of IOCOM. “Our high performance, feature-rich, interoperable software has made IOCOM a preferred solution at hundreds of educational institutions. IOCOM Edu removes deployment barriers allowing schools to provide affordable and advanced video collaboration capabilities for all students.”

An IOCOM Edu site license will be offered at departmental, campus, or institutional-wide levels with tiered pricing based on student enrollment and staff headcount. The platform allows for educational users to connect from large auditoriums, classrooms, offices, homes, dorm rooms, and apartments. A single session can scale from 1 to 99 sites and the Visimeet server is grid enabled so there is no limit on the number of supported concurrent sessions.

IOCOM Edu also offers a Course Management Systems interface providing the means for an institution’s class enrollment or registration systems to automatically provision a Visimeet account as students enroll or register for classes. “With real-time Visimeet account provisioning capability, as soon as a student enrolls or signs up for a class, they can potentially collaborate with other students and teachers at anytime from anywhere,” noted Gary Refka, IOCOM Vice-President.