Using Analogies

Sometimes you find yourself explaining ideas over and over again, and it seems you are not getting your point across. How about using analogies?

  • For teachers who just don’t get copying to the clipboard, use a real clipboard. Then get scissors and some paper, and cut a paragraph of text from one document and make a copy of it. Put the copy on the clipboard and "paste" the original onto another document. Then demonstrate how it works on the computer. Show how items are copied to the clipboard.
  • How about figuring out what TCP/IP works? An analogy you can use is railroad cars lined up as one train in a switchyard. When the train gets to the next switchyard some cars go in one direction and some go in another. Every car has a destination address on it, yet they all end up reassembled in the same place.
  • Pivot tables are like a Rubik’s cube. Once you enter the information once, you can twist it around to look the way you want it. Pivot tables can change the layout in seconds. Without pivot tables, if you want to change the layout after you entered the information, you would have to retype everything. Pivot tables save you time.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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