Using Email for Home/School Communication

The district superintendent has announced that beginning second semester, all teachers must use Email to communicate with parents who identify this as their preferred method for contact. Needless to say, there is some resistance. What steps can I take to ease implementation of this mandate?

Using Email as a primary form of contact can be a great way to bolster home/school communication, but there are some issues to consider as well. Hopefully, since this is a district mandate, a policy has been crafted to establish parameters for this initiative. The policy needs to include guidelines about what may or may not be included in an Email. It should also describe how Emails are to be archived and expected response times.

Set aside some time at a faculty meeting to ensure that all staff has the basic skills and information required to make this a success. Topics could include:

  • Review of the policy
  • Email basics
  • Procedures for archiving Email
  • Email etiquette
  • Time management

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